Colleen McCarty (Author, Mom, Law School Student) on Juggling a Non-Traditional Schedule and our MOM CONFESSIONS – EPISODE 06



Claire introduces us to the concept of Mother’s Day Eve, and we chat with Colleen McCarty about her crazy life.  With two small children, Colleen has written two novels, worked full time, and most recently, started law school!  We talk about expectation 

management, juggling a non-traditional schedule with the help of family and friends, and  what it’s like to be a mom in law school (did you know they have LOCKERS?).  As if that weren’t enough, Colleen’s husband has recently decided to run for a seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives so we get a glimpse at life on the campaign trail. After our interview, Claire nerds out about Jury Duty, and we share some Mom Confessions…including a tooth fairy fail, bathtime awkwardness, and our least favorite bedtime stories.  

In this episode we talk about: 

Mother’s Day Eve

The Greatest Showman

Colleen’s Books, Mounting the Whale and The Many Names of Magdalena Cruz

The Above the Law Blog 

Rusty Rowe for House District 66

Girl Attorney and the March on the Oklahoma Capitol 

Voir Dire Questions



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