Road Trip Tips and Summer in Alaska with Darla White, EPISODE 08


Claire is taking a couple weeks off after starting a new job, so Sarah has recruited her friend Darla to chat about road trips, just in time for summer! Last summer, Darla’s family made an epic road trip from Kansas City to Alaska, where they now live.  We chat a little about her life there – then dive into our best road trip tips, including drive time strategies, activities and bribes for the kids, potty breaks, snacks, our favorite apps and digital entertainment, must have items for the family, and what happens when everyone has a meltdown.  Plus, WHY IS THERE ALWAYS A GIANT LOLLIPOP and discipline strategies on the road.  

In this episode we talk about: 

Alaska’s Summer Solstice

Car Games and Activities

Vintage Bingo Game

Melissa and Doug Water Markers

The Dallas Galleria

Hotel Tonight App

Sit or Squat App


Kids Podcasts – Wow in the World, Story Pirates

Wine in a Can



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