Having Kids In Your 20’s vs In Your 30’s with Lisa Wakefield of Jenkins & Co.


Claire is traveling for work, so I brought in another bestie to chat with me about life…namely, what it’s like to have your kids in your 20’s vs. having them in your late 30’s.   Lisa Wakefield , owner of Jenkins and Co. Tulsa , an amazing home and lifestyle store in Tulsa – talks about pros/cons, the differences in parenting now vs. 10 years ago (hello social media!), and life in the Pinterest age, and the anti-Pinterest revolution.   We also chat about over scheduling, overcommitting, and starting a business when you’ve had 10 years out of the working world, when your kids are slightly more self sufficient.  Enjoy!

In this episode we talk about: 

Jenkins and Co Tulsa 

Jenkins and Co on Instagram

Parents on Phones Tumblr

Scary Mommy – Why You Should Be Friends with the Oldest Mother in Your Child’s First Grade Class

Fortnite New Yorker Article 

Goosebumps movie

Daddy’s Home movie

Jumanij- Welcome to the Jungle

The Flash 

Fortnite Pro Gamer “Ninja”

Tulsa’s Route 66 Revival 

The Enneagram: The Road Back To You 

Whoorl (Sarah James) and Selfie Podcast




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