Styling Your Home with Kids and Outdoor Play with Ashley Daly of Retro Den – EPISODE 16

Daly RD

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We hit up Ashley Daly (the Ashley on the LEFT) for some design advice in the Great Playroom Debate, talking about ways to work with (or around) all our kids STUFF! Ashley gives us genius tips for displaying collections (aka rocks and sticks) and passing the buck to family members – as well as some ideas for purging, rotating and generally reducing the number of toys in our kids lives.  We also talk about gardening and outdoor play, and it’s importance in our kids development, as well as rambling on about date nights, instagram and getting deep about parenting.  At the top of the show, Sarah gets some tips from Claire about cultivating R-E-S-P-E-C-T from our kids.  Enjoy!

In this episode we mention:

Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Kline

Episode 04 with Ashley Palmer (the co-owner of Retro Den)

Retro Den Home Styling 

Allison Lackner’s Kid-Friendly Home Tour

Birthday Eve-Eve (Episode 12)



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