Designing and Building Your Dream Home + Living in 900sf with 2 Small Kids, with Alayna Benefield of Ruby Jewel Studio – EPISODE 21

alayna house

This week we chat with Alayna Benefield, the ultimate multi-tasker, about the process of designing and building her family’s home.  A designer, photographer and now sales rep by trade, Alayna’s family bought land outside town and started from scratch, ultimately taking over 3 years from start to finish.  We talk with Alayna about her design priorities, the struggles of doing all the contracting work, and deciding to have a second baby somewhere along the way.  While they were building, their family lived in a 950 sf apartment with a toddler and eventually their second child…so we also chat about getting creative with space, downsizing, and the perks of apartment living.

Plus, Sarah talks about poop and her kids make a surprise cameo!

In this episode we talk about:

Alayna’s Photography at Ruby Jewel Studio and Prairie Hive

KI and TakeForm signage 





And as promised, a few pictures of Alayna’s wonderful home….

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