Allowances and Chores – When, How Much and To Chart or Not To Chart – EPISODE 24


We are talking Allowances, Chores, Charts and all the details on this episode…But first, Sarah shares a shame spiral about bad parenting on a first grade field trip.  Then we dig into all things allowance – when to start, whether to tie it to chores, and what dollar amount is age appropriate.  Whether your kids are paid for chores or expected to contribute, we talk about what chores are age appropriate and how we feel about chore charts, with a swerve into how we both navigate laundry and into Sarah’s extreme Font Sensitivity (can this be a real thing?).  We talk about the Spend / Save / Share outline, how (and if) to enforce it, and talk about some new apps and devices that help parent’s and kids out in the age of digital money and online shopping.

In this episode we talk about:

Discovery Lab 

AHHA Tulsa

The Experience

Meow Wolf

The Center of the Universe

El Guapo

Council Oak

Tulsa Historical Society

Woodward Park

Kids Chore Charts

Save Spend Share

RoosterMoney App

FamZoo App

ThreeJars App

Kiddlestix Toys

Vivofit Junior

Octopus by JOY




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