Shopping Ethically and Avoiding Fast Fashion with Kara Moseby of Cultivated Conversations – EPISODE 25



In this week’s episode, we jump into the world of ethical fashion with Kara Moseby of the Cultivated Conversations podcast and Cultivated.Fashion blog.  We love the tagline behind their business: “As Cultivated.Fashion we want to come alongside women, especially moms, on their journey to living minimally and ethically with friendship, education, style, and cute clothes!”

Kara talks us through why we should avoid “fast fashion”, and gives us tips for starting to think through our purchases in the sometimes overwhelming world of ethical fashion.  We talk about the ways to think about purchasing in ways that are kind to people, the planet, and/or animals, the idea of Cost Per Wear, and how to get started with consignment shopping and shopping what we already own.  Plus, Kara does the research for us and shares some of her favorite companies and sources for ethical fashion.

At the top of the episode, we catch up a bit – Sarah talks sick days and starting the Keto diet, and Claire shares about her oldest son’s birthday party with a great new location idea!


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In this episode we talk about:


The Root Collective 

True Cost 


The Tulsa Tailor

Echo Tulsa

SoBoCo Tulsa

Dress For Success

Kara’s Consignment Tips Episode 2.4 of Cultivated Conversations

Thom Kelly

Patagonia WornWear

Factory 45 Marketplace

Noonday Collection

Brass Clothing


Levis Water<Less





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