Listener Question Time! EPISODE 27


Things get personal when we answer some of your listener questions!  We got some great ones in, from parenting advice to more about us, to random…so here we go!  First we talk about how and when we each decided to have our kids (shocker – Claire had a plan!), then tackle a listener question about toddler screen time.  Next we share more about how we both ended up on our career paths, and where we are today.  One listener asked us for advice on tipping, from hairdressers to the UPS guy, so we both share how/what we like to give.  And finally, we answer the question about why we rarely post pictures of ourselves, and awkwardly compliment each other on our looks. It got weird you guys, for real.  Enjoy, and send us more questions anytime!

In this episode we talk about:

One Bad Mother Podcast

Yasmine Bleeth  (see I told you it got weird)


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