Crunchy 101 with Larisa from the Crunchy Cocktail Hour Podcast – EPISODE 28


You guys.  We are so excited for this weeks guest!  We have been big fans of the Crunchy Cocktail Hour podcast for the last several months, and we are thrilled to have Larisa, their Crunchy Co-Host, to share with us some tips for making changes in our lives toward a cleaner, greener, healthier lifestyle.  Larisa shares a little of her not-so-crunchy background, and what led her to start doing research and making changes for her family.  She talks us through some Crunchy 101 points in the areas of food/dietary lifestyle, skincare/makeup products, and in-home products like cleaners, food storage and the (now) dreaded Teflon that we cook with.  We also chat about talking to our kids about making good choices, toddler food shaming, and struggles with getting our spouses on board with changes we would like to make.  In the overwhelming world of choices and confusing information, Larisa gives us some great tips on places to start small making changes – and how every bit makes a difference! Enjoy!!!



In this episode we talk about:

Crunchy Cocktail Hour

What Kind of Crunchy Mom Are You? Quiz

Clean 15 / Dirty Dozen 

CCH Episodes 15 and 16, Skin Care and Beauty Routines

Bar Shampoo

Native Deodorant


Dr. Bronner’s Soap

CCH Episode 36 – Larisa Begs Alison to Stop Using Teflon

IKEA Glass Food Storage

Think Dirty App

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