Work Travel – Adventures in Pumping, Tips and Tricks – EPISODE 29


Sarah and Claire have both been traveling for work for years – especially this fall, so we decided to weigh in on some of our experiences, starting when our kids were small.  We share adventures in pumping – from the car to the hotel kitchenette – and talk about how our experiences have changed (for the better!) now that our kids are a little older.  Claire gives Sarah some tips on communicating logistics with your spouse/childcare giver, including reminders and to-dos, and we talk about how we keep in touch (or don’t!) with our little guys from the road.  Then the best part of work travel – ME TIME!  We share our favorite self care rituals, and how we make the most of it and enjoy the time to ourselves.  



In this episode we talk about: 

Elderberry Syrup 

Elder Millenial

Cozi App

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