Christmastime is Heerrrrreee! Episode 30

We dive into the Christmas season in this episode, starting with a controversial Eggnog conversation…then talk about both our households “no Christmas til after Thanksgiving” stance, and BlackSmallCyber Weekend shopping.

Next we chat about our favorite holiday decorations, traditions and drop a few hot tips about decorating practices, live tree procurement and overcoming kids tree OCD.  Sarah shares Elf on the Shelf regrets (get out before it’s too late people) and her love of the non-chocolate advent calendar tradition she’s passed on to her kids.  

Claire talks about her family’s Nutcracker tradition as well as the British Pantomime Season she grew up with, and we talk light displays, Polar Express trains, and All The Things to do this holiday season, including Santa visits, Silver Dollar City and stay-at-home activities.  Tired yet?  We also talk about holiday anxiety and fatigue, and how getting a tentative calendar can ease some of the FOMO.  

To wrap up the first of this month’s holiday extravaganza, Sarah gives an update on her son’s Christmas list – spoiler alert, it features a pet lizard!  All the feelings are happening here…


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In this episode we talk about: 

Owasso Tree Farm

Mark and Graham Advent Calendar

Tulsa Kids – Holiday Traditions: A Claus for Debate

LEGO Advent Calendar

London Pantomime 

Polar Express Train Ride Locations

Silver Dollar City Old Time Christmas

The Christmas Chronicles

Utica Square Santa House

Philbrook Museum of Art Festival

Rhema Lights

The Gathering Place Winter Wonderland



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