The Great Holiday Movie Debate, with Thom Crowe of ‘Tis the Podcast

Photo from Tis the Podcast

This week’s episode is so much fun! We teamed up with Thom Crowe of Tis The Podcast, a year-round Christmas movie review podcast, to debate….um, DISCUSS our favorite Christmas movies! To kick off the episode, we each listed our Top 5 Holiday movies to start the discussion.  While we had some crossover between lists, we also hit on a few controversial topics.  Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?  Which Home Alone is the best (Claire makes a convincing case for #2)?  And what are the problematic / implausisble parts of SO MANY holiday movies that could never take place in 2018?  Speaking of 2018, we also dive into the Rudolph bullying controversy, the “Me Too” / “Baby It’s Cold Outside” moment, and laugh at ourselves for a minute (or two).  As a Christmas movie expert, Thom fills us in on his favorite non-traditional treats, including Hallmark/Netflix specials, some of the obscure Christmas/Horror genre and some unexpectedly good unknown flicks.  

We laughed so hard during this episode you guys, enjoy and let us know where you stand on your holiday guilty pleasures and favorites! 



In this episode we talk about: 

(I’m not linking every single movie we talked about you guys, especially all the ones everyone knows.  But I WILL link to the obscure/topical ones that we mentioned!)

‘Tis the Podcast

Pop Culture Happy Hour Episode ‘Tis The Season: We Talk Hallmark Holiday Movies

Free Rein: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas

She and Him Christmas Album 

Circle Cinema White Christmas Sing Along 

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever


Pete’s Christmas

Santa’s Slay


Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Emmett Otters Jugband Christmas Returning to Theaters

One Magic Christmas

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