Navigating the Loss of a Family Pet with Morgan Phillips of Tulsa Talks – EPISODE 40

We were joined this week by guest Morgan Phillips of Tulsa Talks Podcast to talk about the loss of her 11 year old daschund, Daisy. Both Sarah and Claire have experienced a pet loss (or two, or three) in the last few years, so we wanted to talk with Morgan about how she’s handling things herself and with her two young daughters. We each shared our stories, discovered the origin story of Claire’s stone cold heart, and had a few laughs in the process!

We talked about the different logistical scenarios that can occur around a pet’s death, including making hard decisions as a family, the decision to be with them in the vet’s office, what to do if they die naturally in the home, and various ways to create a memorial for them.

We shared our kids’ experiences with death, and chatted about how quickly kids can move on, what they do remember after a certain age, how to talk with them about our feelings, their feelings and using the experience to teach them empathy.

Before we dove into this heavy topic, we also talked about winter burnout / cabin fever, Morgan’s experience taking the city bus with her daughter and more. Enjoy!


In this episode we talk about:

Tulsa People

Tulsa Talks Podcast

Tulsa Transit

When A Pet Dies by Fred Rogers

Air Buddies

A Bunny Named Barnaby

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