Re-Release and Updates! Living Internationally with Kids, Hiring an Au Pair, and Reinventing Your Job – with Abbie Peraza of StudioPop and PopLife Coaching


We decided to re-release one of our favorite early episodes with Abbie Peraza, to celebrate the opening of her newest business venture, PopLife Coaching and Consulting! We couldn’t be prouder to call Abbie a friend and encourage anyone that needs a push in the right direction to give her a call. From the PopLife site:

When you’re living the POP//Life, you have more well-being, more confidence, more abundance, more impact and more joy than you ever thought possible.

My passion is helping people live a life that POPs. I believe that work and life should flow seamlessly together into an effervescent state of being.

I focus on helping people accelerate their businesses, transition their careers, improve their health and wellness, and support their employees and team members – all through the lens of living the POP//Life.

Here are the original show notes, if you are interested in the transition Abbie made from the corporate world to owning her own business and fulfilling her goals, hop to about 40 minutes in.


Claire’s family has decided to host a French exchange intern next fall, so we thought it would be a perfect time to talk with Abbie Peraza, owner of Studio Pop Tulsa – since she has hosted several of her own!  In addition to exchange students,  Abbie has years of experience working with Au Pairs (it’s cheaper/easier than you think!), living internationally with kids (and without) and has some great tips for both! After living abroad, Abbie came back to Tulsa and got a nudge from the universe (spoiler) to reinvent her career…going from the corporate world to opening Studio Pop, a cycling + yoga studio in Downtown Tulsa.  She shares her amazing story and how she made it all happen! 

In this episode we talk about: 

Abby Peraza and Studio Pop

Au Pair in America

Joshua Johnson at 1A and the Beyond Mother’s Day Series

Tulsa in May

Abby’s Vision Statement

Buti Yoga

Goat Yoga

Studio Pop Facebook, Instagram

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