Video Games, Gaming with Kids and All the Things Game Related – with Richard Mitchell of XPO Game Festival


Claire and Sarah catch up after a whirlwind week, talk about Tulsa’s new park, A Gathering Place for Tulsa and most importantly, talk Games, Games and more Games with XPO Game Festival planner, Richard Mitchell.  For gaming novices like us, we need ALL the information from him.  We talk basics like gaming systems, which ones are best for kids, and he makes suggestions for everything from best games for kids, grownups, families, and more.  We chat about benefits of video games including educational and learning games, as well as social and emotional benefits from player interaction.  He gives us tips for playing with your kids, ways to check that the games they are playing are age appropriate, and explains what the heck is up with watching other people play games online.  Join Richard November 2-4 at the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo and XPO Game Festival, and don’t miss his description of the Friday night concert…it sounds amazing!



In this episode we talk about:

A Gathering Place for Tulsa


Pokemon Go

Kindle Fire Kids


Jurassic World: The Game


Nintendo Switch 



Zelda Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch Online Plan

Rusty Lake

The Room

Susan Arendt – Pocket Gamer

Yoshi’s Island



ESRB – Entertainment Software Ratings Board

Mario Party

Use Your Words

1-2 Switch 


Super Mario Odyssey


You Don’t Know Jack

Tulsa Pop Culture Expo

XPO Game Festival

Friday Concert with Bit Brigade and MegaRan

Designing and Building Your Dream Home + Living in 900sf with 2 Small Kids, with Alayna Benefield of Ruby Jewel Studio – EPISODE 21

alayna house

This week we chat with Alayna Benefield, the ultimate multi-tasker, about the process of designing and building her family’s home.  A designer, photographer and now sales rep by trade, Alayna’s family bought land outside town and started from scratch, ultimately taking over 3 years from start to finish.  We talk with Alayna about her design priorities, the struggles of doing all the contracting work, and deciding to have a second baby somewhere along the way.  While they were building, their family lived in a 950 sf apartment with a toddler and eventually their second child…so we also chat about getting creative with space, downsizing, and the perks of apartment living.

Plus, Sarah talks about poop and her kids make a surprise cameo!

In this episode we talk about:

Alayna’s Photography at Ruby Jewel Studio and Prairie Hive

KI and TakeForm signage 





And as promised, a few pictures of Alayna’s wonderful home….

It’s Fall – Girl, Get Your S#%T Together! EPISODE 19


Oh, this is a weird one guys…Sarah hits up Claire for a free therapy session as we chat about Fall as a good time to reset everything from checking off to-dos that have been postponed over the summer to rearranging the house.  We decide moms should have back to school makeovers (our kids get them, why not us?), and go off into a crazy tangent about white jeans, Southern Living and how photo shoots work.  Claire fills us in on her family’s Annual Labor Day Pig Roast and then we talk about our other fall favorites like camping, football and layers.


In this episode we talk about:

Antoinette Baking Company Release the Pumpkin 

SELF Journal 

Southern Living September Issue – Jennifer Garner

Prairie Hive Magazine Issue 3 – Movable Feast

Texture Magazine App

The Sense of Order

Girl, Wash Your Face




School Started(!), Extracurricular Activities and Stuff We Are Into – EPISODE 18


We are back from vacation! And School Started!  So many things with Exclamation Points! We give a rundown of our first week back to school (spoiler alert, Sarah has had 2 meltdowns already) and talk about our upcoming juggling of Extracurricular Activities, schedules and other after school fun.

And in a new segment (?) we just share some things we are into these days.  With summer over, we are reclaiming some personal time and wanted to share a few things we recommend to keep us entertained and informed, from books to podcasts to addictive iPhone apps.

In this episode we talk about:

Bringing Up Bebe

My Favorite Murder

Maximum Fun Podcasts

McElroy Brothers Podcasts


Wow in the World

This Podcast Has Fleas

Tulsa People 10+ Podcasts You Need to Download

Museum Confidential

Citizens of Tulsa Podcast

How to Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts

Cool Mom Picks – Rusty Lake Games

Back to School and Enneagram Check In

Claire checks in on her Enneagram type, and we both have a bit of a personality crisis…Then we talk BACK TO SCHOOL! We give our thoughts (and a few tips) on backpacks and lunchboxes, uniforms and new shoes, supplies, after school activities, and welcome gifts for teachers (IS THIS A THING?).  Enjoy!

In this episode we talk about:

The Road Back To You: An Enneagram Journey to Self Discovery

Whiffer Sniffers



Insane Locker Decorations

Judge John Hodgman Podcast



Styling Your Home with Kids and Outdoor Play with Ashley Daly of Retro Den – EPISODE 16

Daly RD

Photo by

We hit up Ashley Daly (the Ashley on the LEFT) for some design advice in the Great Playroom Debate, talking about ways to work with (or around) all our kids STUFF! Ashley gives us genius tips for displaying collections (aka rocks and sticks) and passing the buck to family members – as well as some ideas for purging, rotating and generally reducing the number of toys in our kids lives.  We also talk about gardening and outdoor play, and it’s importance in our kids development, as well as rambling on about date nights, instagram and getting deep about parenting.  At the top of the show, Sarah gets some tips from Claire about cultivating R-E-S-P-E-C-T from our kids.  Enjoy!

In this episode we mention:

Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Kline

Episode 04 with Ashley Palmer (the co-owner of Retro Den)

Retro Den Home Styling 

Allison Lackner’s Kid-Friendly Home Tour

Birthday Eve-Eve (Episode 12)



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Moving with Kids and Working with your Spouse AND Your Kids with Brooke Knight – Episode 15


We get silly this week with our friend Brooke Knight, as she uses her fancy teacher words to talk with us about her experience with moving homes with two kids in tow (Pro Tip: touring 8 houses is too many).  We also chat with her about her unique work situation – she and her husband both teach at the same school, that both kids attend as well…talk about work/life balance, could you do it?  In addition, Claire is relieved that her son made it home safe from sleep away camp, and Sarah gives a foster puppy update.

In this episode we talk about:

The Humane Society of Tulsa

Camp Raven and Riverfield Country Day School  


Lortondale Tulsa

The Middle of Everything Episodes 13 and 14


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