Encouraging Diversity in Children’s Books with Lauren Ranalli, Author

This week Sarah chats with Lauren Ranalli, author of The Great Latke Cookoff about the importance of diversity in children’s books. Lauren shares how she started writing her book after she found the selection of children’s Chanukah books lacking for her son. Lauren also shares some of her favorite resources for finding diverse children’s books, a few of her favorite titles for various age groups and sheds some light on the process of self publishing, working with an illustrator and keeping up with a side-side hustle while working full time.


In this episode we talk about:

The Great Latke Cookoff

One Bad Mother podcast

It Feels Good to Be Yourself

Living by the Page

Little Brother For Sale

We Are Grateful

All the Ways to Be Smart

Front Desk

No Fixed Address


We Need Diverse Books

Read Brightly

Who Was…

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

Mo Willems

Ruby’s Worry

Grace for President

The Monster on Main Street

Camping with Kids – Tips, Tricks and Our Best Stories – Episode 44

It’s that time of year again, folks! Camping Season (at least for those of us who refuse to go when it’s hot out) is upon us! Our families both enjoy camping when we get the chance (and together when schedules and weather allow) so we thought we would share our best tips on camping with kids, from toddlers to pre-teens (or whatever 9 year olds are considered). We share our favorite practices for organization, planning ahead for entertaining kids, picking the best location, meals, gear, and more – and share a few horror stories along the way. Fill us in on your favorite tips too!


In this episode we talk about:

Perot Museum of Nature and Science https://www.perotmuseum.org

The Art of the Brick

AFOL Blocumentary Camping with Kids – Tips, Tricks and Our Best Stories

Scott Family Amazeum

REI Camping With Kids Checklist

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and Visitor Center

Kids Camping Cots

Podiversary BLOOPERS – Episode 43

It’s been a year since we started recording the podcast! To celebrate (and adjust to our Spring Break schedules) we found some of our favorite bloopers from over the last year! We are pulling back the curtain on some of our early recordings, how we got here with the title of the podcast, awkward intro trials, and some of our favorite tangents. We don’t hold back with our guests, we also share some of our outtakes with them as well! If you’ve been laughing along with us since the beginning, you’ll enjoy, if you’re a new listener – maybe find another episode to start with. 😉



Family Photos – The Good, The Bad and the 80’s – EPISODE 42


This week we got an update from Sarah about her school auction fundraiser, talked about volunteering, PTA and ways you can help out, no matter what your skill set…BEFORE a seamless segway into family photos! A recent trip down memory lane has us wondering again – what was happening in the 80s, plus thinking about how today’s family photo trends will translate into our kids futures. We chatted about our family picture traditions, got weird with some 80s hair and prop trends and looked at our parents through adult eyes. We wondered what is happening with school picture backdrop options and why they have never seemed to change, and debated whether you buy the terrible ones or not.

Most of all, we are going to share our terrible family photos this week and would LOVE for you to share yours too! Post to our Facebook or tag us on Instagram, we can’t wait to see them!

Best Kids Movies for Parents and 80’s Movies Revisited with Annie Mitchell

This week’s episode was so fun! We brought in our friend, author Annie Mitchell to chat about our favorite movies to watch with our kids, had a friendly debate over the best LEGO franchise movie, and lamented the movies we inwardly GROAN when requested. We got nostalgic over our favorite childhood movies, and how we all learned that 80’s PG and present day PG are NOT the same thing (what on earth was happening in the 80’s with kids movies anyway?!?). From seemingly harmless movies like The Goonies to the fairly problematic Brat Pack movies, we talked about how we have talked with our kids (and other kid’s parents, oops!) about language and themes in older movies that might not be considered appropriate today.


In this episode we talked about:

Navigating the Loss of a Family Pet with Morgan Phillips of Tulsa Talks – EPISODE 40

We were joined this week by guest Morgan Phillips of Tulsa Talks Podcast to talk about the loss of her 11 year old daschund, Daisy. Both Sarah and Claire have experienced a pet loss (or two, or three) in the last few years, so we wanted to talk with Morgan about how she’s handling things herself and with her two young daughters. We each shared our stories, discovered the origin story of Claire’s stone cold heart, and had a few laughs in the process!

We talked about the different logistical scenarios that can occur around a pet’s death, including making hard decisions as a family, the decision to be with them in the vet’s office, what to do if they die naturally in the home, and various ways to create a memorial for them.

We shared our kids’ experiences with death, and chatted about how quickly kids can move on, what they do remember after a certain age, how to talk with them about our feelings, their feelings and using the experience to teach them empathy.

Before we dove into this heavy topic, we also talked about winter burnout / cabin fever, Morgan’s experience taking the city bus with her daughter and more. Enjoy!


In this episode we talk about:

Tulsa People

Tulsa Talks Podcast

Tulsa Transit

When A Pet Dies by Fred Rogers

Air Buddies

A Bunny Named Barnaby

The Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard – EPISODE 39

We took a few minutes this week to share some of our favorite tidbits of advice…from small things like epidurals, butter and comforters to life lessons about work-life balance (spoiler alert, it doesn’t exist), taking care of yourself, divorces and other hard shit. What’s your favorite piece of advice? We would love to hear from you!


In this episode we talk about:

Judge John Hodgman (again)

I Don’t Know How She Does It