It’s the Halloween Spooktacular! EPISODE 26


It’s all things Halloween this week as we talk through our favorite traditions and practices…starting with prep in early October! Sarah and Claire share our favorite ideas for pumpkin patches, carving kits, roasting seeds and spooky movies (for kids and grownups) to get us in the mood for the big day. Then, we get to the good stuff – costumes (for kids, grownups and family), trick or treating and CANDY!  Claire’s family has a big party every year so we chat about our favorite (and not so favorite) parts of celebrating.


In this episode we talk about:

Pleasant Valley Farms 

Carmichaels Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Carving Kits

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 

Hocus Pocus


Nightmare Before Christmas

Curious George : A Halloween Boo Fest

Hotel Transylvania 3

Practical Magic


Making A Murderer

The Keepers

Out of Thin Air

The Staircase

Evil Genius

Shopping Ethically and Avoiding Fast Fashion with Kara Moseby of Cultivated Conversations – EPISODE 25



In this week’s episode, we jump into the world of ethical fashion with Kara Moseby of the Cultivated Conversations podcast and Cultivated.Fashion blog.  We love the tagline behind their business: “As Cultivated.Fashion we want to come alongside women, especially moms, on their journey to living minimally and ethically with friendship, education, style, and cute clothes!”

Kara talks us through why we should avoid “fast fashion”, and gives us tips for starting to think through our purchases in the sometimes overwhelming world of ethical fashion.  We talk about the ways to think about purchasing in ways that are kind to people, the planet, and/or animals, the idea of Cost Per Wear, and how to get started with consignment shopping and shopping what we already own.  Plus, Kara does the research for us and shares some of her favorite companies and sources for ethical fashion.

At the top of the episode, we catch up a bit – Sarah talks sick days and starting the Keto diet, and Claire shares about her oldest son’s birthday party with a great new location idea!


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In this episode we talk about:


The Root Collective 

True Cost 


The Tulsa Tailor

Echo Tulsa

SoBoCo Tulsa

Dress For Success

Kara’s Consignment Tips Episode 2.4 of Cultivated Conversations

Thom Kelly

Patagonia WornWear

Factory 45 Marketplace

Noonday Collection

Brass Clothing


Levis Water<Less





Allowances and Chores – When, How Much and To Chart or Not To Chart – EPISODE 24


We are talking Allowances, Chores, Charts and all the details on this episode…But first, Sarah shares a shame spiral about bad parenting on a first grade field trip.  Then we dig into all things allowance – when to start, whether to tie it to chores, and what dollar amount is age appropriate.  Whether your kids are paid for chores or expected to contribute, we talk about what chores are age appropriate and how we feel about chore charts, with a swerve into how we both navigate laundry and into Sarah’s extreme Font Sensitivity (can this be a real thing?).  We talk about the Spend / Save / Share outline, how (and if) to enforce it, and talk about some new apps and devices that help parent’s and kids out in the age of digital money and online shopping.

In this episode we talk about:

Discovery Lab 

AHHA Tulsa

The Experience

Meow Wolf

The Center of the Universe

El Guapo

Council Oak

Tulsa Historical Society

Woodward Park

Kids Chore Charts

Save Spend Share

RoosterMoney App

FamZoo App

ThreeJars App

Kiddlestix Toys

Vivofit Junior

Octopus by JOY




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Hand Me Downs – Storage, Tips and What to Include (Are Underpants OK?) – Episode 23


Image via iHeart Organizing

Spoiler Alert: This image is neither of our closets.  This episode we dive into Hand Me Downs…organizing those coming in, transferring between kids and then passing on to another family.  We talk how to pare it down, what to keep and what our boundaries are on familial underpants.  Somewhere in there we drop a couple of handy hints on labeling, what do to with sentimental items, and our favorite places to donate once we are out of kids to wear things. To kick off the episode, Sarah chats about coffee speed, MLMs and we do a deep dive into Oklahoma’s new liquor laws (wine in the grocery stores!) and the Tulsa Trader Joe’s layout. Riveting, right?

This episode we talk about:

Noonday Collection

Stella & Dot

Mabel’s Labels

Emergency Infant Services





Video Games, Gaming with Kids and All the Things Game Related – with Richard Mitchell of XPO Game Festival


Claire and Sarah catch up after a whirlwind week, talk about Tulsa’s new park, A Gathering Place for Tulsa and most importantly, talk Games, Games and more Games with XPO Game Festival planner, Richard Mitchell.  For gaming novices like us, we need ALL the information from him.  We talk basics like gaming systems, which ones are best for kids, and he makes suggestions for everything from best games for kids, grownups, families, and more.  We chat about benefits of video games including educational and learning games, as well as social and emotional benefits from player interaction.  He gives us tips for playing with your kids, ways to check that the games they are playing are age appropriate, and explains what the heck is up with watching other people play games online.  Join Richard November 2-4 at the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo and XPO Game Festival, and don’t miss his description of the Friday night concert…it sounds amazing!



In this episode we talk about:

A Gathering Place for Tulsa


Pokemon Go

Kindle Fire Kids


Jurassic World: The Game


Nintendo Switch 



Zelda Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch Online Plan

Rusty Lake

The Room

Susan Arendt – Pocket Gamer

Yoshi’s Island



ESRB – Entertainment Software Ratings Board

Mario Party

Use Your Words

1-2 Switch 


Super Mario Odyssey


You Don’t Know Jack

Tulsa Pop Culture Expo

XPO Game Festival

Friday Concert with Bit Brigade and MegaRan

Designing and Building Your Dream Home + Living in 900sf with 2 Small Kids, with Alayna Benefield of Ruby Jewel Studio – EPISODE 21

alayna house

This week we chat with Alayna Benefield, the ultimate multi-tasker, about the process of designing and building her family’s home.  A designer, photographer and now sales rep by trade, Alayna’s family bought land outside town and started from scratch, ultimately taking over 3 years from start to finish.  We talk with Alayna about her design priorities, the struggles of doing all the contracting work, and deciding to have a second baby somewhere along the way.  While they were building, their family lived in a 950 sf apartment with a toddler and eventually their second child…so we also chat about getting creative with space, downsizing, and the perks of apartment living.

Plus, Sarah talks about poop and her kids make a surprise cameo!

In this episode we talk about:

Alayna’s Photography at Ruby Jewel Studio and Prairie Hive

KI and TakeForm signage 





And as promised, a few pictures of Alayna’s wonderful home….

It’s Fall – Girl, Get Your S#%T Together! EPISODE 19


Oh, this is a weird one guys…Sarah hits up Claire for a free therapy session as we chat about Fall as a good time to reset everything from checking off to-dos that have been postponed over the summer to rearranging the house.  We decide moms should have back to school makeovers (our kids get them, why not us?), and go off into a crazy tangent about white jeans, Southern Living and how photo shoots work.  Claire fills us in on her family’s Annual Labor Day Pig Roast and then we talk about our other fall favorites like camping, football and layers.


In this episode we talk about:

Antoinette Baking Company Release the Pumpkin 

SELF Journal 

Southern Living September Issue – Jennifer Garner

Prairie Hive Magazine Issue 3 – Movable Feast

Texture Magazine App

The Sense of Order

Girl, Wash Your Face